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The Power of Visualization!

For a class we read the article “Visualizing a Technology and Heterogeneous Engineering: The Case of Portuguese Expansion by John Law” and the assignment was to make a presentation and lead the discussion in class. The content was very interesting and fairly easy to grasp but it was still a heavy read for me based on the very pure academic way that the article was written.

While reading, I realized that I would have understood it much better and faster if it was visualized, if it was a visual and tactile learning experience. So for the class presentation my study mate and I, we made study models and presented that in class with a bit of white boarding. I do want to mention that most of the material used to create this model was reclaimed. The content of the article I know I will not forget any time soon and worth mentioning is the fact that we had fun along the way!



Interactive Infographic

I am very interested in the education domains and enjoy getting to know and experimenting new approaches for knowledge transfer. I personally think that visualization, games, and hands on practices are very successful in understanding, explaining and transferring information and data.

I do sometimes wonder, why is it that mostly a visual distillation is in a form of a poster, a 2d. I have nothing against it, I am huge fan of info graphics and have come across some brilliant representations. Maybe I will share some with you… For now here is an early version of a slide wheel for old-schools projects that I created as means of story telling. The story or the content again was an interesting article, Steel Axes for Stone–Age Australians by Lauriston Sharp. I would love to hear from you on whether or not it is a good idea.