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Content Strategy

What a simple and effective way to explain content strategy by Hot.


What Personality Is Your Firm?

I am currently looking for work. So my days are spend searching for interesting firms that I can see myself being a part of, that I can see myself learning from and contributing to. I have a generic ‘first knock (cover) letter’ but I customize it each time I send it to new place. Same with the portfolio/ work samples. No major changes though. Just yesterday I realized that interestingly, one project that I worked on I have packaged it in four different ways i.e. as an example of visualization skills, urban mapping, research and analysis, and design proposition or problem solving.

This led me to think of advertisements and persona development. The content may be the same, the crux may be the same but the way we approach it to present to someone determines our approach. The one big question that I asked myself and a couple professors when I started updating my portfolio and making a list of places I want to apply was, ‘how do I position myself?’ How do I position myself with my current degree and my background, with the variety of things that i am interested in?

The answer came by doing it again. I think of firms as people, I assign personalities to them. How I approach them is how I would approach that person. The king of language I would use, the kind of things I would highlight. Similar to how when you work with a team on a project you try to understand them in order to communicate better and produce good work. This exercise of developing persona for and of firms have helped me to ‘position myself’ rightly I think. I will let you know when it proves to be successful and I get a job!


Maybe I should rephrase… this webpage is not just about my work but will also give you glimpses of what I do or don’t, look at or look away from, enjoy or not and appreciate or criticize.

Last night I was at a Potluck and we decided to play a movie. Everyone has different taste of-course and different recommendations. We settled to watch a movies, that I know for a  fact that I would have never watched from the description that I heard. I was outvoted hence had to. I have to admit though that I loved it and recommended it to couple friends too.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is based on a graphic comic novel series and these graphical elements are very evident through out the entire movie. I may not appreciate some other aspects of it but I praise the way that the different styles and mediums are conceptualized and executed. I think it was a good watch and you can also learn a bit of graphic lessons from it.

Hello world!

This link is intended to be a blog/ portfolio as I will share some of my work samples with you. If you want to know more about me or my work, feel free to reach out!