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The Myths That Prevent Change

“Every organization has myths about who are the great leaders, what are the behaviors to admire and imitate, what business you are in, what customers want, what are the best skills to run a process. Whenever someone proposes an idea, it is explicitly or implicitly screened with the myths. Unfortunately, the competitive landscape changes, but the myths don’t.”

Roberto Vergant. HBR Blog Network.



The Politics of Moving Minds

“Innovation is not a science. Much of it has the elusive qualities of art, dressed up as useful things. But business leaders continue to try and invest in innovation as if it were a science. And too often, the designers they employ as consultants engage with these leaders not only as if it were an art but also as if their clients understood how to speak in “creative” terms. So we find these two parties speaking different languages, in need of a translator. And as often happens in translation, important context or nuance can be lost.” Read the complete article through the hyperlink.

By Mark Rolston – June 15, 2012

Envisioning the City of the Future

“By unlocking technology, infrastructure and public data, cities can open up new value chains that spawn innovative applications and information products that make possible sustainable modes of city living and working.”

image taken from the original article.

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