Maybe I should rephrase… this webpage is not just about my work but will also give you glimpses of what I do or don’t, look at or look away from, enjoy or not and appreciate or criticize.

Last night I was at a Potluck and we decided to play a movie. Everyone has different taste of-course and different recommendations. We settled to watch a movies, that I know for a  fact that I would have never watched from the description that I heard. I was outvoted hence had to. I have to admit though that I loved it and recommended it to couple friends too.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is based on a graphic comic novel series and these graphical elements are very evident through out the entire movie. I may not appreciate some other aspects of it but I praise the way that the different styles and mediums are conceptualized and executed. I think it was a good watch and you can also learn a bit of graphic lessons from it.


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